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The Artist In His Room

The text is taken from the group exhibition "Dramaris Personae" held at the Mary Gallery at Jerusalem in April 2024. Written by Yifat Laist Ferman.

Moshe Zaidler’s paintings are intricate explorations of space, establishing a pictorial reality governed by its own internal logic within an encompassing, transitional environment. This stable framework serves as a canvas for the exploration of chaos, creating a captivating tension reminiscent of Samuel Beckett's wandering protagonists. Zaidler’s figures embody a constant movement inward, reflecting an introspective search for meaning and identity. They capture the essence of human existence – a restless journey through a world devoid of inherent purpose, inviting viewers to contemplate their own paths.
Human Paintings by Moshe Zaidler
Zaidler’s process is a dynamic interplay between intuition and experimentation, drawing inspiration from both observation and free exploration. He incorporates mental impressions and memories into his pieces, making his paintings vivid representations of an inner world echoing the landscapes of his childhood home and his current surroundings. His domestic spaces and familiar objects become imbued with deeper significance. One series presented here explores the artistic potential of a simple cardboard building model, transforming it into an endless playground for visual possibilities, conjuring memories and emotions from various lived experiences. The act of creation becomes a form of gestalt, where fragments of reality coalesce into a powerful mental and psychic image.
introvert painting of a room by Moshe Zaidler
"Rooms in Space" exemplifies Zaidler’s ability to evoke a sense of unease and detachment. He portrays open rooms precariously suspended, their occupants seemingly on the verge of falling out. These rooms, hanging in various perspectives within the larger space, appear destined to collide, creating a sense of impending chaos that invites the viewer to question the stability of their own surroundings.
introvert Human ART by Moshe Zaidler
Throughout his work, Zaidler utilizes abstraction and distortion to transform familiar scenes into spaces that are deeply personal and universally relatable. He transcends the specifics of time and place, tapping into a timeless and archetypal realm that challenges traditional notions of spatial representation. His fascination with the existential dimensions of human experience is evident, as his spaces become integral elements of the narrative and emotional depth of his work, inviting contemplation on the nature of existence, the invisible forces that shape our lives, and the often-blurred lines between reality and perception, presence and absence.



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