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About Moshe Zaidler

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A blurred image of an introverted and human painter, with zoom on his act of creative in real time

Who Is He?

Moshe Zaidler is a deeply introspective artist who uses painting as a means of delving into his subconscious mind, exploring the depths of his experiences, emotions, and personal history. Born from a difficult childhood, the son of a Holocaust survivor, his art often deals with themes of trauma, memory, and emotional resilience. Through painting, Zaidler has found a way to cope with his past, express himself and make sense of the world around him.

His works are a reflection of his innermost thoughts and emotions, powerful, raw and evocative. He chooses not to give them titles, for two reasons: first, to invite the viewer to connect with the art on a personal level, to interpret it and make it their own, and second, to stay loyal to the process of exploring the subconsciousness.

A painting rendered in oil colors, crafted on a linen surface. The work depicts a reclining nude figure, poised atop a buttery yellow couch.
Artistic image of colors and raw materials of human artist and introverted with a well -developed inner world

The act of naming a creation is a conscious linguistic act, it contradicts the mysterious dimension of the subconsciousness, by naming, the art may lose some of its power and the artist may not be faithful to the way he explore and express himself.

His work has the ability to resonate with audiences, on a personal and emotional level, making him a unique and highly talented artist. Through his art, Zaidler has found the courage to confront his past, and the ability to transform it into something beautiful and meaningful.

An oil painting on canvas pasted on a wooden board. This is a "Still Life" artcraft which shows several inanimate objects, including clamps, a blue barrel and more.
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